CB Money Vine Review – 1 click software that builds your FREE store with more than 4000 products.


I wanted to give you a quick ‘heads up’ about a new way to get a regular flow of commissions to your Clickbank account.

You probably already know this but Clickbank is a huge marketplace you can use it to find digital products to promote.

It has been a significant part of my income for many years.

Unlike Amazon which only pays between 4 and 10 percent, CB pays you between 50 and 75 usually, so it’s a great place to start a business.

Most CB affiliates still make 0.00 though because promoting 1 product at a time is hard work.

Once you’ve joined, you advertise your link and give away free websites (EASY).

Then the system works it’s magic and builds you a network of people who all make regular buys from the CB marketplace – from YOUR LINKS.

This is PERFECT for beginners as you don’t need an autoresponder or a list to make it work, you don’t even need your own website!

To get started, simply log in and use our secret 1 click software to brand over 4,000 products with your affiliate link.

…This takes 60 seconds and you’re done. Instant “super affiliate status.”

Zero waiting or hassles to get affiliate approval.

And all commissions are paid DIRECTLY to your account – Check this out, what are you waiting for.


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